7 Ways to Advertise your Business Free on Google

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Free Advertising options on Google: What are the methods, techniques, & ways to advertise your business or blog-website on Google? Tips on how you can promote your website further using Google’s various web services.

Google has many products and online web services by using them you can post ads directly on Google. Most of the methods shown here will allow you to advertise or market your business, product, website, or services for free on Google’s networks and platforms.

Use these advertising techniques explained here to promote or advertise your website links or business services

I found out that some people are searching for posting free ads on Google ( by this they mean putting ads on Adwords (now, Google ads). Though, Google Ads is a paid platform where you pay for the each ad that is shown in SERPs, but in case, if you get free credit coupon then you can show your ads for free. They offer $100 free credit when you spend at least $50 in advertising.

You can visit here to get $100 free credit for Google Ads.

Apart from that, if you want to advertise your business free then there are other services from Google where you can take advantage of free advertising. We have mentioned all such services below, please read on:

1. Youtube


Youtube is the most popular video submission website in the world. Needless to say, Youtube is a great social media platform for promoting your business or content free.

You can advertise your content on Youtube in two ways:

  1. Free method;
  2. Paid or Premium methods of advertising on Youtube.

If you upload your videos on Youtube then they become a source of free traffic to your business or website.

In this way, you can take advantage of free business advertising from Google (Youtube ).

Paid ways of advertising on Youtube:

Using Youtube Ads to advertise on YouTube.

2. Goole Adwords

google ads

Google Adwords (Now Google Ads) is a world popular advertising platform for paid advertising via PPC.

Get your ads placed on Google’s SERP’s as well as on its partner publishers’ websites. This is not a free service though. You will have to pay to create ad campaigns in Adwords!

Still, you can get $100 free ad credit in your account when you spend $50 on your ads on Google. We have mentioned the link to get this credit at the starting of this list.


3. Google Business

Google Business

Google Business is one of the best online places for listing your business free. Google Local is a free advertising service where you can list your business free.

Local users may find/ discover your business as per your location. You should use proper keywords and description for your business so that people can find your services easily.


4. Google Groups

google groups

Google has thousands of Groups where users discuss and share their ideas in front of the universal community. Google Groups are great places to speak and talk about your business services to the audience that is interested in your products.


5. Google Sites


Google has this easy web creation free services to anyone interested in creating small or bigger business sites. Google sites rank very well in search engines listing pages. Hence, Google sites offer free advertising on Google.

You should visit here to create a Free Google site for your business.


6. Google Merchant Center ( Google Base, previously)

Google Base (now called Merchant Center) – Google base or Merchant center to advertise your products. You can use your products feed to Google Merchant Center where it will be shown for the searches made for products related queries.

You can find more help and support related information here for Google Merchant Center.


7. Google Blogger Blogspot


Last but not least, Blogspot is a popular Web 2.0 FREE Blog creation platform by Google itself! It lets you create a blog within 2 Minutes! Needless to say, you can do anything with this blog.

You can also use it as a secondary blog and promote your main business or services over it. This will be great for SEO purposes as your Blogspot blog will have a very nice DA (Domain Authority) rating. Nowadays DA is the crucial factor that has replaced Page Rank (PR) factor.

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